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Mount Vernon
Flame Resistant Fabrics

Mount Vernon

AMTEX™ Flame Resistant Fabrics by Mount Vernon Mills are manufactured with the end user in mind.  Made in our totally vertical operation from the best raw materials and chemicals available, our state of the art process control gives us total accountability for the shade, feel, finish, and performance of the fabric.  AMTEX™ 100% Cotton and 88/12 Cotton/Nylon FR fabrics are quality assured and industry compliant to fit all of your needs.

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AMTEX FR Cotton Fabrics
AMTEX FR 88/12 Ctn/Nylon Fabrics

Lakota Twill 5.25 oz

Lakota Twill

Shawnee Twill Denim 14.75 oz

Shawnee Twill Denim

Apache Twill 7.0 oz

Apache Twill

Classic Rodeo Denim 14.75 oz

Classic Rodeo Denim

Apache Plus Twill 7.5 oz

Apache Plus Twill


Mohawk Twill 6.0 oz

Mohawk Twill

Vulcan Twill Denim 7.5 oz

Vulcan Twill Denim

Arapaho Twill 7.0 oz

Arapaho Twill

Cherokee Twill 9.0 oz

Cherokee Twill

Hopi Basket Canvas 8.5 oz

Hope Basket Canvas

Cannonball Canvas 13.0 oz

Cannonball Canvas

Cheyenne Twill 9.0 oz

Cheyenne Twill

Sioux Twill Denim 11.75 oz

Sioux Twill Denim

Navajo Canvas 11.0 oz

Navajo Canvas

Seminole Twill Denim 12.75 oz

Seminole Twill Denim