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Montreal, Quebec,
H4R 2N6
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Fax: 514-332-7445

For more sales information contact, Morris Vesely at the following email address:
For accounting information please contact, Lou Branco at the following email address:
For Sales in Eastern Canada and Quebec please contact:

Joel Kravitz
Eddie Bornstien
Brian Lawrence

514 332 3704

Ontario please contact:

Michelle Sawyer
905 466 6147

For Sales in Western Canada please contact: Frank Kliffer
204 955 1987
For Sales in British Columbia please contact:

Patty Mills
604 802 3766


For regular inquiries please use the following address,

2450 Cohen Str,
H4R 2N6

Tel: 514-332-3704,       Fax: 514-332-7445


Contempra USA

Joseph Hannagan
875 Salem Quinton Road
Salem, New Jersey 08079

Tel: 609-774-7664,       Fax: 856-935-1458